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``Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit,`` says the founder of this type of training, Joseph Pilates. Pilates is the activity through which you get a very good physical shape, but also a suitable state of mind. Practically, through controlled exercises you develop your muscles evenly, training the whole body, but without demanding it. You can opt for pilates on the mattress or on Basi Systems machines (Simple Reformer, Reformer with tower, Ladder barrel, Ped a pull and Wunda chair).


Yoga is a discipline about meditation and self-knowledge originating from ancient India. Today it is appreciated at the level of physical and spiritual perfection. In a succinct and direct description, it frees you from the ``world``. However, the benefits of yoga are not only spiritual, but also physical through the balance formed between mind and body.


If group exercises motivate you, you can choose studio classes instead of a series of personal exercises with a trainer. At our studio, we provide you with all the necessary resources for your favorite activity. Whether you have not yet discovered the benefits of yoga or pilates, or whether you are already passionate about movement, we support you to achieve your goals through organized Yoga/Pilates classes or a mix between them, at your choice.


At Inspire Studio you can train with the following Basi Systems machines: Simple Reformer, Reformer with tower, Ladder barrel, Ped a pull and Wunda chair. The studio includes a room for class activities, equipped with mattresses and accessories, a room with 5 pilates equipment. At the same time, we offer you comfort and safety through a locker room dedicated to you (protected with a key), showers and toilets.


Bowen therapy, also known as Bowtech therapy, is one of the most appreciated forms of alternative medicine today due to its multiple benefits on the human body. The therapy involves a touching and balancing technique, it is non-invasive, similar to massage and is based on the principle that the human body can heal itself over time and if it is relaxed.


At Inspire Wellness, we also support exercise for children through Ju Jitsu training. Translated simply as ``the art of suppleness``, Ju Jitsu is a Japanese martial art that aims at articulating techniques and projecting the opponent on the floor through immobilizations, strangulations. In other words, Ju Jitsu is a concept of self-defense, as a flexible response to violence.