Pilates Training

Brief history

The term comes from the name of the creator – Joseph Pilates, a German athlete. He designed pilates training to improve his physical condition and sports performance. Pilates has been useful since the First World War in the recovery of the wounded, today becoming a lifestyle for millions of enthusiasts and trainers from all over the world.

How Pilates exercises help you

Pilates is the activity that gives you a very good physical shape, but also a suitable state of mind. Practically, through controlled exercises you develop your muscles evenly, training the whole body, but without demanding it. With each training you will notice new body skills: a better coordination of breathing, flexibility and balance of your entire “system”. That means more relaxation and more well-being.

“You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions.” – J. Pilates

Joseph Pilates’ trainings were thought of as healthy principles of body maintenance such as correct breathing, the importance of a proper posture of the spine, good revitalization of the muscles, along with mind-body balance, an immediate consequence.

In everyday life, the effects of pilates exercises will be felt in various forms:

  • Back pain improves;
  • You enjoy better mobility;
  • You have strong muscles;
  • You get an improved body balance;
  • You have the correct body posture;
  • You get extra toning.

Our Pilates equipment

Pilates equipment is recommended for an even better contouring of these goals. They shorten the road to well-being because they help train your body more attentively and beautifully.


At Inspire Wellness you can train with the following Basi Systems machines:

  • Simple reformer – provides stability to the bone system, improves the balance of your own body and helps to heal or relieve lumbar, cervical or joint pain.
  • Reformer with tower – innovative Reformer equipment with improvement pulleys that increase elasticity, coordination and muscle strength. It works the muscles by stretching and brings physical and mental benefits.
  • Ladder barrel – dedicated to training for the abdomen and spine, most frequently used for stretching the hips.
  • Ped a pull – strengthens the muscles of the arms and shoulders, improves the alignment of the legs.
  • Wunda chair – helps to strengthen the legs and ankles, increases the muscle strength of the arms and chest and trains the abdominal area very well.

What Pilates training can you book at our studio?

  • Pilates Mat – Personal session with trainer.
  • Pilates Machine – Personal session with a trainer (exercises on pilates machines are done exclusively with a trainer).
  • Pilates Mat – Class with a group of colleagues and a trainer, exercises of your choice as a package of combined Pilates, Yoga, Body Sculpt and Workout classes.

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Do you prefer one-on-one training or a pilates class?


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