''You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions,
and have a completely new body in thirty sessions” – Joseph Pilates, fondator Pilates.

Enjoy an excellent physical shape thanks to body balance and correct breathing. The exercises are available as personal or mini group training.

You will get extra toning and a correct posture with the help of Basi Systems devices: Simple Reformer, Reformer with tower, Ladder barrel, Ped a pull and Wunda chair.

You feel good with us. Inspire Wellness trainers will help you get in shape with a variety of Pilates and YOGA exercises for body and mind, in groups of 3-5 people.

Appreciated today at the level of physical and spiritual perfection, Yoga frees you from the ``world``. At the Inspire studio you can choose the instructions of a dedicated trainer.

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We are close to you, in PIPERA-TUNARI.

Complex Vitta Bella, ground floor, Soseaua Pipera-Tunari no. 200A,

Building A, Staircase zero, Apartment sc. 2, Volunteers 077190

Contact: [email protected] | 0725.800.246

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